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This website is dedicated to the late Deanna Durbin, one of Hollywood's biggest box-office stars in the 1930's and 1940's

(December 1921 - April 2013)


We are the only appreciation society which is authorised by Deanna Durbin.


Our membership subscription includes a 12 page Newsletter of superb quality, 3 times a year.


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Memorabilia and Information


Linda Hosken 20 Browns Lane, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4LG England

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Our subscription fees are: -

UK £13 single or £14 joint

Europe £16

Overseas £23 - (40 US Dollars)

(40 Australian Dollars)




If you would like to join our society, please contact David.


Membership Secretary


David Wood 9 Orchard Way, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 9ED England

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